Saturday, April 30, 2011

Busy! Busy! Busy!

Today is guaranteed  to be a BUSY day for me!  My prince is having his 2nd birthday party and I have to make cake, cupcakes, tidy up the house, pickup the chairs we are borrowing from friends, get ballons, decorate, and get the food ready, so I'll make this short and sweet.

Had a wonderful night with the little family and Grandma and Papa!  Had dinner at the The Rock in Lynnwood, Barrett had two "Bucket"s and is hurting a tad bit this morning.  The pizza was delicious and Carter did fairly well during dinner, thanks to Ariana at the table next to us.

Exciting pictures and blog to come tomorrow!  See you then
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Friday, April 29, 2011

Something new!

This is my very first blog post EVER, yes I'm a newbie, so please stick around just in case it takes me a few posts to get the hang of this thing!

I've found so many inspirational blogs which have sparked a creativity inside of me that I didn't know existed, from sewing to cooking to baking to party planning and now maybe even blogging about all of these amazing things!  Not to mention that I think my facebook friends would like a break from my constant ramblings about my excitement over the mini cupcake liners I just bought on Etsy, another FAVE of mine!!

One of my LOVEs right now is gourmet cupcakes, they are AMAZING, right?!  In fact they've become an obsession, hence the name of my NEW blog and seriously I feel like it's practically all I talk about anymore... It's so bad that I find myself thinking of reasons to make cupcakes to share with others, like Easter- now that was a perfect reason- mini cupcakes with spring colors, like orange and pink, and flavors, like orange, strawberry and coconut...

And then there's my son's 2nd birthday- I had to do a few test runs to make sure the cupcakes would be perfect for his party, which by the way is this Saturday!!  Oh and in case you're wondering about the flavors...  Cookies n' Cream and Strawberries n' Cream... YUM!  And BONUS!  I get to use my new found creativity to plan and "style" his party...  I use the style word loosely because my work doesn't quite compare to the amazing party stylings of the many talented designers out there who's blogs I LOVE to follow, links below in case you aren't following these blogs yet...

See you soon, when I'll continue to ramble about cupcakes, parties and my son, my prince, my everything!


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