Saturday, October 22, 2011

And again... yummy??

I was at it again, the night after my first FABULOUS grilled cheese creation I tried my hand at another sandwich.  But this time it was definitely more of a miss than a hit.

I'll start with the ingredients and then explain why it was a "miss"...

Yukon Gold rustic bread
Jambon ham
Crispy bacon
Smoked gouda cheese

Here's the before "grilling"/cooking pic....

And the after "grilling"/cooking pic...

See the difference?  What? They're the same? 

Well Mr. or Mrs. SmartyPants, you are right!  The pics are the same and that's because the sandwich looked pretty much the same, except the bread was golden from cooking, but the cheese did not melt as I had hoped, big disappointment.  BUT, if it had I think this sandwich would have been AMAZING!

Until next time!


FYI, my third attempt was delicious!  A grilled fresh mozarella, tomato and basil sandwich, yum!

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