Sunday, July 31, 2011

Spokane for the weekend.

We're in Spokane this weekend!  Which means a weekend full of Papa and Ma, a bridal shower for my beautiful cousin Debbie, sunshine, hot temperatures (90+ degrees), and A/C in the house to enjoy the 90+ degree weather with.

Yesterday was a very busy day for us...  
It started with making the cupcakes for the shower with the bride-to-be and her sister :) 
Then came the shower itself at Linwood Park in the 90+ degree weather... 
fun with family and friends + yummy food = perfect way to spend the afternoon
And it all ended with a nice relaxing evening at mom and dad's with some A/C.  And in case you were wondering, I'm focusing on the air conditioning so much because in the Seattle area it's definitely not the norm to have A/C in your house so it truly is a treat for us when we visit during the summer.

And now comes the other reason for this post...  pictures of the Raspberry Tiramisu cupcakes that I made for the bridal shower...

 Since there were both children and adults I made some of the cupcakes without the coffee and Kahlua mixture, both were delicious!

{ Vanilla Raspberry cupcakes }

{ Raspberry Tiramisu cupcakes }

If you'd really like the recipe that I used (a hybrid of two different recipes I found online) just leave your email address in a comment below...  did I mention that they were delicious, yummy and so good that most of us tried both :)



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