Thursday, August 11, 2011

{ My FAVES } Frosting.

The frosting makes the cake...  or cupcake in my case!  There are so many to choose from, there's buttercream (italian, french or the "original"/American that most people are familiar with), whipped cream, royal icing, vegan frosting, fondant, ganache, etc...  the options are endless.

Personally I prefer an icing that isn't overly sugary, otherwise I just scrape off the icing to enjoy the cake...  and that's what I've done for many years.  That was until I tried a cupcake from The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co in Seattle, it was a Boston Cream Pie cupcake and it was delicious!  The next day I searched the internet for a hint as to what kind of frosting they use... it was a buttery, sweet frosting that I'd never had before, I had to know what type it was so that I could make it for my cupcakes!!  After a little searching I found my answer... ITALIAN BUTTERCREAM.  Next came finding a recipe for Italian buttercream and that's when I found Cake Journal, a wonderful blog about cake decorating, and the perfect recipe for Italian Meringue Buttercream also know as IMBC.

Picture courtesy of Cake Journal, IMBC.
You can find the recipe for this lucious, decadent fosting here.

Here are a couple of frostings that I've made and the recipes...

Mascarpone & Whipped Cream frosting { perfect for Tiramisu cupcakes }

Vegan Whipped frosting { courtesy of Chef Chloe, Cupcakes War award winning recipe }

Do you have a favorite frosting?  Maybe a favorite cake?



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