Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I think I am obssessed with Pinterest!  Ok...  I know I am obssessed with it!

 What is Pinterest? 
It's a virtual pinboard/photoboard. 

A what?
A virtual pinboard that allows you to collect images and ideas that you've found online, then organize and share them with others.  The best thing is when you "Pin" a photo it links up to the original website where it was found, which comes in very handy for recipes and/or DIY crafts/projects. 

Why would I use this?
A lot of people use it for planning a special day... like a wedding, decorating their homes (me), recipes (also me), craft ideas (me again), fashion inspiration, etc...  the options are limitless.  Saving to Favorites on Internet Explorer just isn't as easy as Pinterest, trust me.

Here's an example of what I've been using it for...  gardening inspiration!
(For when we have a house that I can have my own garden...  never thought those words would ever come out of my mouth, I've always had a dislike for gardening, until recently, but I guess as we get older our interests change too...  OBVIOUSLY!)

Last question I'm sure you're asking yourself...  how can you be obssessed with a virtual pinboard?
OMG!  Because there are thousands of people using Pinterest daily and pinning amazing ideas/images to their boards, things that I never would have found without Pinterest. 

I've found many amazing ideas/tutorials for crafts like these adorable knit baby blanket and hats from Make it and Love it (a new FAVE blog of mine).

Get the tutorial here.

Or this tutorial for Double Potholders from A Little Gray...

And then there's the cool idea of storing your spices in glass baby jars like this...

From Frugal Decor Mom, get the tutorial here.

And if you combine that idea with this "recipe" for Custom Color Chalkboard Paint, from Martha Stewart herself, you have the perfect DIY storage project!

If you would like to join Pinterest please leave your email address in a comment below so that I can send you an invite, otherwise you can sign-up directly on their website and wait up to a week for your invitation to join, like I did.

Trust me you will LOVE this!!

Pin It!

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