Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A super busy staycation! { the first event of the week }

I'm on vacation for 10 whole days!!
Specifically a staycation and relaxation is kinda the last thing on the list for us this week.

The first event this week was the hubby's surprise birthday party...  it was a major success!!
{ Yes, he was totally shocked and surprised. }

See for yourself.

That look's saying, "thanks for the party, hunny!"

It might be hard to believe from this picture, but we didn't do thirty candles for fear of setting off the sprinklers in the restaurant { love you hubby }

He can't wait for a piece of the German chocolate cake I made specially for him.

A couple of the cuties that were at the party { smile }

And then there's the German chocolate cake I made for the special occasion...

I found the recipe at Une Deux Senses, get the recipe here...  it was delicious!
{ the hubby told me how good it was a couple of times... so that means it was AMAZING }

And in case you're interested in the frosting technique I used check it out here.  

Thank you again to all of the family and friends who helped us celebrate this special day for my hubby!!

Check back soon for some other exciting events from our week of vacation { smile }

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  1. Thanks for a great party!
    Love you hunny!


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