Thursday, May 19, 2011

Inspiration. Inspired.

After a short break from my new blog efforts, I'm back!
I thought my welcome back blog would be about my inspirations...   Inspirations for what, you may be asking?  INSPIRATIONS for birthday parties, holiday celebrations, and showers, baby or wedding.
For both of Carter's birthday parties I've always tried to pick a theme based on what he's interested in at that time, 1st was cars and trucks, 2nd was ELMO.  When planning both parties I started by searching for things to decorate with for the party, once I found something I LOVED I used that item to inspire my other choices. 

For his 1st birthday, it was the invitation I found at Target that inspired the color palette that I used along with the TONKA truck he got for his 1st Christmas.  The colors I'm talking about, the ones I fell in love with for his most special 1st birthday... orange, lime green and caribbean blue.

And for this 2nd birthday, I knew I couldn't go wrong with ELMO, one of his favorite characters right now and red is such a perfect color for a party.  I then moved on to finding some of the decorations again, that's when I found Cupcake Social on Etsy!  They have some of the coolest cupcake liners out there and they have so many other party decorations, too!  Visit the shop, you won't be disappointed!  Here's where my inspiration started...

HOUNDSTOOTH cupcake liners, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven!  Why was I so excited?  Well houndstooth is only like my favorite pattern/design right now! It's an old school design that is definitely making a comeback and as you can see not only in the fashion industry, but baking too!  I mean I love it so much that I've been drooling over this...

I found this at Pencil Shavings Paper on Etsy, if anyone finds they love it as much as I do or if you should want to get me an early birthday gift (insert smile)!

Here's a taste of more inspiration I've found at Cupcake Social and Sweet Estelle's Baking Supply, another great shop on Etsy!

How I wish I had some parties I could use these at!

What inspires your creativity?  I can't wait to hear!

Until next time!


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