Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My style, in words... and a link.

On Mother's Day I found my self flipping through an Ethan Allen catalog, a store that so far I've only dreamt of spending mass dollars at for what can best be described as the most beautiful furniture ever, well at least in my opinion.

As I'm drooling over the furniture in the magazine, I was finding a number of items that I thought were perfect for my "style".  I finally started paying attention to the style name of each piece I had fallen in love with and found they all had the same name...  seriously, every single piece!  And once I heard the name I knew it was meant to be... the name I would go on to use to describe my decorating style...  MODERN GLAMOUR!!

Would you like to see a glimpse of my style?  Maybe you'll find the style that best describes you!  Now just a small disclaimer...  while all of the pieces of the Modern Glamour collection at Ethan Allen are beautiful, it does not mean that I am in LOVE with every piece...  specifically I could live without the dining chairs and mirror, but everything else I would buy in a second!

What decorating style best describes you?


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