Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring and Summer, my FAVES!

Well really Summer is truely my favorite season, but Spring is a strong second!  Why you might be asking... well because all of my favorite fruits and vegetables begin showing up in the grocery stores.  Speaking of which, I recently saw rhubarb at Safeway and was instantly thinking of what I could make with it.  I've always loved my mom's strawberry rhubarb pie, crisp and cake... the options are never ending because she has a rhubarb plant in her garden and once it's ripe it becomes the primary ingredient in most spring and summer desserts...  YUM!

So it got me thinking that I should try a rhubarb inspired cupcake and of course it will be paired with strawberries, the only proper way to have rhubarb!  BUT... I have also been wondering how rhubarb would be with raspberries, anyone tried it?  I just might have to try it... 

 RASPBERRIES are another favorite summer fruit of mine! 

And I would love to go pick a BIG bucket of them this year at Biringer Farms in Arlington...  anyone wanna go with me, consider this a "Save the Date" invitation.

And that get's me wondering... what's your favorite spring or summer time produce?  And what's your favorite way to have it?

Pics and review to come for my rhubard inspired cupcake, stay tuned!


And I can't forget...

(My little prince turns 2 today, boy how time flies.)
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