Saturday, November 5, 2011

Family. Friends. And Food. = Thanksgiving

Seriously!  Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just a short 2.71 weeks away?!?!

Seeing as how the holiday is almost upon us, I've found myself thinking of what to take to the family dinner this year.  And should I do a dessert?  Or maybe a side dish, like last year?  There are so many options and from so many different sources like,, and lets not forget Pinterest.

Last year I made this wonderful recipe for Sweet Potato Mash that I found on  It was a hit from the browned butter sauce in which the green onions/scallions spent some time cooking to the sage leaves that were crisped up in that same browned butter...  YUM!  Did I mention that you drizzle the yummy browned butter over the entire dish of sweet potatoes?!?!  Again, YUM!

Photo courtesy of Food Network Magazine.

If you tend to not be a fan of the ooey-gooey, suagry-marshmallowiness that is a traditional sweet potato dish for Thanksgiving like me, then you will surely enjoy this dish.  IN FACT!  I enjoyed it so much that I'm pretty sure, 85% sure anyway, that I will be making it again this year...  that is unless I find another recipe in the next 2 weeks to make instead.

On to the dessert that I am SURE I will be taking this year!!  I look at the recipe and picture of it's yumminess more frequently than I need to and can't wait to try it...  oh! if only Thanksgiving could be here already for the sole purpose of me getting to enjoy this dessert now!

Recipe and picture courtesy of Picky Palate.

This amazing creation is a Cinnamon Roll Pumpkin Vanilla Sheet Cake, go here for the recipe and more yummy-delicious-scrumptious pictures!

As usual, Thanksgiving is sure to be full of delicious food and wonderful moments with family and friends.  So remember on that fabulous food day...

Courtesy of Craftily Ever After.  Click here for the free printable.

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