Friday, December 9, 2011

DIY projects to do BEFORE Christmas...

The countdown until Christmas morning is ON!!  Can you believe that in a mere 17 days it will be Christmas morning?!?!  And that means I have even fewer days to get all of my projects that I'll be gifting to loved-ones done!!

Today the Prince and I woke up an hour earlier than usual... and I've already straightened up the kitchen and have butter sitting out to get it to room temperature for the cookies I need to bake before Sunday at 11:00am for the cookie exchange; I've straightened up the dining room table { aka sewing/craft central }, and I'm now sharing some of the projects I'll be working between now and Christmas. { smile }

For some special little-ones in my life, I'll be personalizing some mugs for them.
{ kinda like these }

Photo courtesy of Design Mom.
I first saw these on Pinterest and then was taken to the great tutorial that Design Mom put together, here.

This next one is for my Prince. { shhh, don't tell him }  

Even though he may or may not have had a hand in helping me select the fabric for these bags...  and as I sit here typing this he keeps saying Carter and pointing at the picture.

  Next year I'm definitely going to have to be more sneaky if I want to surprise him, but for this year I'll just have to hope he forgets about them before Christmas...

Photo courtesy of Make it Perfect.
These storage bags will come in very handy for storing all of his choo-choos and cars.  And even better the hubby and I will be filling the one for cars with a bunch of new cars. { smile }

This cute "Peek-A-Boo Toy Sack" was created by Make it Perfect, you can get the tutorial here if you would like to make one or some, too!

Next come the ornaments I found that I thought would be great for our new tree.  And best thing is the Prince can help me make them!

Photo courtesy of Homemade Grits.
Salt-dough ornaments!  

You can do so many different things with these ornaments to personalize your tree.  They would also make wonderful gifts for family and friends, best thing is that they only take 3 ingredients...
{ water, salt and flour }  

Here's the tutorial if you would like to create some ornaments this year.

And just for fun, I'll call it a present for myself... can you believe that when I sew or create it's always for someone else.

Photo courtesy of Craftaholics Anonymous.
Some pretty appliqued ruffle pillows, I'm leaning towards doing them sans-applique.  I have some wonderful fabrics that I picked up recently that are just begging to be used for this project. 
Here's the tutorial if you should want to make some for yourself, too!

Ok now it's time that I get to work on all of these projects...  not to mention the projects I couldn't tell you about because the person/people receiving them would know what they are getting for Christmas!

What projects are your working on for the holidays?  I'd love to hear about them all!

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