Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We braved a snowstorm { pictures }

It was only a week ago that the Seattle area was covered/blanketed in cold/crisp white snow... 

I am not exactly a hater of snow... I just prefer for it to not be on the roads because when it is it makes for a treacherous commute to work for me and all of the other Seattle drivers.

it is A LOT of fun watching my little 2 2/3 year old prince play in the cold-white-stuff.


Mommy and the prince took the doggies out to play in the snow...  so of course he had to throw some snowballs.

And more snowballs... 

Cooper didn't care for the snow as much as Roxy and the prince... so since there was still some uncovered grass he decided this would be his spot.

Roxy on the other hand loves the snow... she especially loves trying to catch snowballs.
{ I only wish I could have gotten a pic of the prince throwing them for her }

Then came the sledding adventures at the end of the storm when we had the most snow!

The prince { LOVED } riding on the sled...  he even enjoyed going down a hill on it...  
but walking back up the hill { only the worst part of sledding in my opinion } he didn't like so much.

Next it was the hubby's turn to go for a ride on the sled.

{ Don't worry. No hubbies were actually hurt in our sledding adventures.  
The truck seems a lot closer than it actually was. }

Cooper & Roxy { our fur-babies }

She wanted to be a part of the fun, but when we finally put her on the sled with the prince she couldn't get off fast enough { smile }

And last, but not least throwing snowballs at Mommy { I heart him }

So are you a fan of snow?

Until next time, lovelies...  have a wonderful Tuesday!

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