Saturday, January 21, 2012

A week in { instagram }

To say the least, this week has been anything but normal.

The Seattle area/PNW was blanketed in snow almost this entire week...  luckily it has now been raining since yesterday so that yucky stuff called snow is now melting { yay }

Anywho...  here's a quickie post with my instagram photos for the week while I work on a few other posts
{ like... playing in the snow, update on how the prince and I are doing with our new lifestyle,
and a recap on some of the culinary masterpieces I've been making }

the prince driving Papa's school bus { could he be any cuter }
fire roasted green chiles for our dinner { see next pic for finished product }
chicken enchiladas in green chile sour cream sauce { the hubby LOVES these }
met up with Papa for lunch while he was on a trip with the wrestling team

pepsi. enough said. because it's like only the best pop EVER.
the prince and his Roxy { he really does love his puppies even though he terrorizes them }
the prince eating some almonds from Grandma { he LOVES those things }
my new FAVE magazine. ShopSmart by Consumer Reports { you must read it }

Oh and a little treat for all of you...  
the recipe for the chicken enchiladas pictured above { smile }
courtesy of Joyful Momma's Kitchen... FYI it's the same recipe that I ranted and raved out here.

We like to have cilantro lime rice with ours...  here's the recipe for it too... enjoy!
BTW I recommend using 1 cup chicken or vegetable stock and 1 cup water...
and both times I've made the rice I've never used the vegetable oil and it's still been AMAZING!

Have a wonderful Saturday, lovelies!

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