Tuesday, March 13, 2012

{ quickie post } Appetizers perfect for any party...

How about some quick and yummy options for appetizers that you could serve at your next party...
I for one, will likely be making a few of these for one little prince's 3rd birthday!

{ one }  Antipasto skewers/kabobs via The Hungry Housewife
{ two }  Mini mac and cheese pies via The Curvy Carrot
{ three }  Mini corn dog muffins via Iowa Girl Eats
{ four }  Veggie and dip all-in-one
**simply poor a little dip in the bottom of a plastic cup 
and then place veggies standing up in the cup.
{ five }  Baked brie bites via Plain Chicken
{ six }  Pretzel bites via Beantown Baker
{ seven } Fruit skewers/kabobs
**choose whatever fruits you want, skewer them and you're done!

I hope you found something to inspire your next celebration... or maybe even a family meal!

Have a wonderful Wednesday/middle of the week, lovelies!

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  1. Those cups of veggie sticks in dip make a great single-serve idea!

    1. I totally agree! My favorite thing about them is that your dip is now only for the veggies! I don't like when it creeps across the plate into all of the other yummies.

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