Sunday, March 4, 2012

Girly chic with lace and pink, Part 1

Pink and lace are the perfect combo for a party celebrating everything we love about being girly.

I have found some beautiful items that will add the perfect touch of girly chic to any celebration...
from a baby shower, celebrating the arrival of a sweet little princess
a bridal shower, celebrating a beautiful bride to be and her new life to come with her love.
{ Also perfect for... the very important birthday celebration for your princess, at any age! }

And here is my inspiration for this theme...

A simple piece of lace for the cupcake wrapper and a sprinkling of sugar pearls makes this cupcake perfectly chic!
{ I love it! }

For Part 1 (of a 2 part post)...
I'll be sharing the AMAZING dessert ideas that I found for the most perfectly chic dessert table, EVER.

Dessert Table Details

1.  Rose-water madeleines are both pretty and elegant, these wonderful french sponge cookies are perfect for a girly chic party.  
Recipe and picture via Martha Stewart, get it here.

2.  A luscious classic pavlova with cherries, this dessert is great because you can use any berry or fruit that you want to fit your guest of honor's tastes.  
Picture via Dust Jacket and recipe via Donna Hay.

3.  Beautiful blush pink macarons with a splash of gold, seriously could they be any more chic?!  Picture via My Sweet and Saucy.

4.  Flower shortbread/sugar cookies... simply a cookie decorated with royal icing and then topped with an edible flower.  The flower gives the cookies both color and texture in such a unique application.  
Picture via Martha Stewart.

5.  Dainty meringue cookies are another perfect addition to this dessert table for their whimsical touch.
Recipe and picture via The Novice Chef Blog, get it here.

6.  Cupcakes, of course... and what better cupcakes than the ones which inspired this theme.
Check out Loralee Lewis for a pretty frosting technique, the ruffle flower pile up, for your cupcakes.
{ I will definitely be doing this technique for my next batch of cupcakes }

7.  A beautiful ruffle tier cake...  you can do a cake in addition to the cupcakes or just the cake, whatever your preference.

This frosting technique is much easier than it seems and there are a number of tutorials online to help you achieve the look you want.  
Picture and tutorial via Martha Stewart.
I am baker also has a fabulous tutorial you can use.

And before I forget...
8.  Some elegant and sophisticated adult beverage options for your girly chic party...

Drinks pictured include (starting from the top left)...
Raspberry Mojito
Pink Martini
Pink Russian
Pink Lady Martini

So pretty and... PINK!
{ love }

Picture and recipes via Hostess { with the Mostess }

I think that about covers the desserts and drinks...

Next to come in Part 2- Beautiful Decor options, I can't wait to share what I found with you!
Until then lovelies...

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