Sunday, February 26, 2012

St. Patrick's Day { cookies }

After my success with the sugar cookies that I decorated for Valentine's Day, I've decided that I will be making some for St. Patrick's Day.

And... now a cookie decorating day with my bestest friend is in the works { smile } 

Of course that means I need to brainstorm some cookie designs...
So I turned to the internet and Pinterest for some inspiration.
{ finding just what I was looking for was harder than I thought }

Besides the usual/traditional clover and leprechaun designs (not quite the style I wanted), I was able to find a few examples that got my creative juices flowing.

{ my Irish heritage LOVES these! }
These creative cookies were made by A Dozen Eggs Bake Shoppe...  
they're definitely not your average St. Patrick's Day cookies and they totally represent the holiday and country of Ireland.  
My favorite has got to be the claddagh cookie!  

It's very likely that some of my cookies will reflect the colors of the Irish flag thanks to these cookies!

Green plaid cookies!
I am in love with this style of cookie...
using textures and patterns from fabric to decorate the cookies is PERFECT.

Speaking of patterns... don't be surprised if you see some houndstooth in this next batch of cookies
{ smile }

Oh!  and I'm still contemplating how to incorporate a rainbow and pot of gold into my plans.

These little guys will come in very handy, only one missing is a clover.
And I know I said it was cliche, but I've got some ideas to make them a little less traditional.

What crafts and yummies do you have planned for St. Patrick's Day?  

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