Saturday, February 4, 2012

DIY { Party Decorations }

With the prince's { third } birthday only months away my brain is stuck in planning mode...
which is not a bad thing, by any means { smile }

I've devoted an entire Pinterest board to birthday ideas...  check it out here.

And as you all know I've already blogged about a few of my plans here, feel free to refresh your memory if you've kinda forgotten what I'll be doing { wink }

And now that brings us to today's post... 

While searching for ideas for the prince's party I've found a number of DIY tutorials for some fun party decorations.  I'm still deciding on which decorations I will be making, but I just had to share everything I've found with all of you.

DIY is always a win in my book... not only can you save money { usually }, but there's also the personal satisfaction of knowing that you made the decorations yourself...  Oh! and how about that way your decorations coordinate { fabulously } with your party theme/colors.

All right. All right.  Now on to the tutorials I've found...


{ one }  From A Beautiful Mess Blog, ten fabulous bunting ideas made with yarn/fabric/paper/ribbon/tissue paper... best of all most can be made with scraps you may have around the house.  They'll add just the right amount of whimsy to any party, for girl or boy 
{ smile }
Get the tutorials here.

{ two }  A simple bunting made from old book pages with added embellishments, this fabulous idea comes from Simple as That.  Hearts were added to this bunting for Valentine's Day, but you could use other shapes or even just letters to create a bunting perfect for any occasion.  
.:This bunting is actually the inspiration for the one I'll be making for the prince's party, but instead of book pages I plan to use newspaper and then paint the letters on for the message:.
Get the tutorial here.

{ three }  A bunting made from cupcake liners, perfect for anyone who has a collection like this...

This simple bunting idea comes from One Charming Party, perfect for a baking party but still versatile enough that it could also be used for a birthday or baby/bridal shower.
Get the tutorial here.

{ four }  A lollipop tree/topiary... only like the most perfect decoration for a children's birthday party...  I absolutely love this idea from Meet the Dubiens, you may remember me loving on this here.
Get the tutorial here.

{ five }  A fun play on the stylish sunburst mirrors, only made with cool striped paper straws.  
.:This is a must-do for the prince's birthday, I'm already obsessed with the paper straws...  now I have a reason to buy a BUNCH of them.  AND... as I mentioned here this will transition wonderfully as decoration for his bedroom after the party:.
Get the tutorial here from Woman's Day.

{ six }  Mason jar's tinted to match your party colors!  What could be more perfect?!  These can be used for so many things... like holding utensils/vases/candle holder.  
I found this wonderful decor idea at Momtastic.
Get the tutorial here.

For the dessert table

{ seven }  A cake stand made out of a a terracotta flower pot and saucer...  simply paint each piece in the color you want and then glue together with hot glue or other adhesive.  Such an easy project and will give your dessert table added depth.
Get a similar tutorial here from Once Wed...
 seeing as I couldn't find the post related to my inspiration picture.

{ eight }  Colorful dessert stands made from thrift store finds...  who doesn't love a project that is budget-friendly?!  This fabulous creation is from Centsational Girl.
Get the tutorial here.

{ nine }  And this cookie/cupcake stand is The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle's take on Centsational Girl's dessert stands, made smaller to hold cookies and cupcakes and also with a glass dome.
Check out all of her creations here for some inspiration.
{ Did I mention that I'm absolutely in LOVE with this blog?!  Seriously.  She makes BEAUTIFUL cookies along with the most fabulous tutorials so others, like me, can try to make them too!  Check out The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle, like now...  you'll love it!! }

{ ten }  What dessert table would be complete with out jars of candy?!  Well now instead of spending unnecessary amounts of money on apothecary jars you can make them yourself... and it is so very easy! You can use items from thrift stores or even the Dollar Store, along with a tube of E-6000 adhesive.  Now you're ready to make some jars, for a fraction of the price of store bought ones.  
.:I wasn't able to find the tutorial that went along with the above picture, but the picture is kinda self-explanatory...  you'll need a glass candle holder, a glass vase and a tube of E-6000 adhesive ( as I mentioned above).
Apply some adhesive to the top of the candle holder and then place the vase on top and allow the adhesive to dry and bond...  ta da!  All done!:.

Tissue poms and more...

{ eleven }  A yarn chandelier, a modern take on the tissue poms?  I think so.  Perfect as a backdrop for any party and can be customized to match your party colors.  Thanks to Libby Lane Press for this fabulous idea.
Get the tutorial here.

{ twelve }  Speaking of tissue poms...  how's about a tutorial so you can make them yourself!!  AMAZING!  This tutorial is courtesy of The Busy Budgeting Mama.
Get the tutorial here.

{ thirteen }  Colorful strips of vellum paper sewn together to make a mobile... hanging above your table or as a backdrop to your dessert table.  Modern whimsy at it's best, as usual customize the colors to coordinate with your party.  This wonderful idea is courtesy of Project Wedding.
Get the tutorial here.

{ fourteen }  A new take on the tissue poms...  fabric poms!  I think I might love these more than the original, to me they are more sturdy and would last forever.  The tissue while delicate and pretty just doesn't seem like it would hold up as well as fabric would.  So if you're looking for a pom decoration for a party that can then be transitioned to your little one's bedroom, then these would be perfect 
{ remember...  you could always skip them as a party decoration 
and just go straight for putting them in the bedroom, too }
This wonderful creation is from Once Wed.
Get the tutorial here.

My Gosh!  That was a lot of information... thank you for sticking with me through it all { smile }
And I hope that you found something you loved!

If you wanna see all of the DIY decorations I've found then check out my Pinterest board here.

You can also follow me on Pinterest here.

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Happy Saturday, lovelies!

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  1. Love all the bunting ideas! Great way to set a festive mood for any occasion. :-)

    1. I totally agree! I've made one each year for his birthday's... so simple yet makes such a statement :)


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