Thursday, February 16, 2012

The perfect chocolate cupcake...

In my opinion, the recipe that I am about to share with you is the most amazing chocolate (mocha) cupcake recipe, EVER.

Like seriously.  Could these cupcakes be anymore perfect?!
The prefect dome.
A dark luscious/rich chocolate color and (trust me) flavor!
{ And that's coming from someone who tends to prefer vanilla cake over chocolate }
I seriously can't find anything wrong with these little lovely cupcakes!

I've tried a couple of other chocolate cupcake recipes and was horribly disappointed with the taste and look...   you can imagine my joy over finding this recipe!

Okay.  Enough of my rambling...  and on to where I got the recipe.

You can thank Bakers Royale.  I've used the following recipe(s)...

The chocolate cupcake part of the recipe is almost the exact same for the two recipes, except for the addition of peppermint extract and the candy pieces.  If you take all of these out you have the most wonderful chocolate cupcake recipe.

{ BTW, don't be worried about the coffee...  it actually compliments the chocolate and you can't even taste it, but if you're still worried about the coffee then just substitute hot water instead }

Here are my Double Chocolate Mocha Crunch cupcakes { minus the crunch }... 

I made these for a good-bye party that we had at work today... for a special someone who has helped me get where I am today in my professional career.  I am so very fortunate to have had her as my manager & mentor for the last (almost) five years.  
Thank you for everything!

Okay, now!  Gotta get to bed...  I'm working an early shift/long day at work tomorrow... 
and on a Friday { yucky }

Bonus is that Grandma Kelly and Papa are coming over for the weekend { BIG smile }

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