Saturday, February 25, 2012

the LOVE of chevron { aka zig-zag }

Chevron print has to be one of my fave patterns  { along with houndstooth }

Remember my Valentine's Day cookies inspired by houndstooth?! 
And if only you could see my collection of houndstooth fabric... 
I still haven't found the perfect project to use it for, but in the mean time it looks great in my fabric collection.

Now enough about houndstooth, lets get to the star of this post... CHEVRON.
I don't know what it is about this pattern, but I seriously cannot get enough of it!

Chevron is a very versatile pattern and is used in so many different applications...
 from home decor to cakes/cookies/cucpakes.

Here are some of my favorite decor ideas/items in chevron.  
My only recommendation would be to limit the amount of Chevron that you use in the same room...  
spread your love for chevron around your entire house  { smile }

A chevron throw would be a nice little touch for any room (living room, bedroom or even a nursery).  This beautiful throw is by Jonathan Adler, you can get it here at Layla Grayce.
{ I especially love the grey... another obsession of mine }

A chevron throw pillow is an easy way to add a pop of color and texture to your room... and they're everywhere.  I found some great pillows at Target recently that you might love, check them out here.

Or how about a chevron floor pouf from West Elm, get it here.  
Floor poufs are another must have item right now, so if you love poufs and chevron this is perfect one for you.  This would look great in a child's playroom/nursery or even in your living room.
{ And don't get me started on all of the floor pouf options out there...  I'll save them for a future post }

A nice accent chair upholstered in a chevron fabric would look wonderful in your living room/bedroom/home office.  This prefect little chair is from Urban Outfitters, you can get it here.
{ it's at the top of my list for when we get a house }

I love these floor to ceiling chevron drapes... simple, yet elegant and again they add a pop of color to the otherwise neutral room.

And now since you've surely fallen in love with about an accent wall!  And again it's so versatile you could do it in literally any room of your place, but I would only recommend an accent wall otherwise it's a tad overwhelming.
{ I would love to have an accent wall like this in my future sewing room }

And is this bathroom not absolutely perfect?!  If you hadn't guessed, I totally love the chevron tile floors.
{ dream bathroom - alert! }

DIY Chevron projects

This tutorial from Max & Me allows you to add a touch of chevron to your home that's budget friendly!
try this similar tutorial from The House of Smiths.

Or you can make this cute decorative tray...  
get the tutorial here from Martha Stewart.
{ I just might have to make one of these with some of my houndstooth fabric }

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